Programs at Med dvemi vodami

The educational program is intended for preschool age and lower grades of primary school. We start the program in the arbor with a short fairy tale about animals. In addition to storytelling, props are shown in order to better convey the whole story. After the story, half of the group stays in the gazebo, and the rest go in search of hidden envelopes that are placed on the Square of Međimurje Nature (Trgu međimurske prirode). Children embark on an adventure as little nature explorers and search for hidden envelopes with a new story about an animal, plant or landscape they see. Along with the story, there are also props or some specific actions they have to do before they go in search of a new envelope. The envelopes are numbered and follow an order like a full day of research – from the morning and the birds we can spot in the morning to late evening when it ends with an envelope with bats.

Program duration: 90 minutes

The educational program begins at the insect hotel with a short story about the insect hotel, its purpose and the importance of bees and other insects. Also, it is necessary to note the difference between spiders and insects and between bees and wasps. Each student is given a small cup to collect different animals. It is important that everyone collects only one animal in a cup. Since, for example, snails release mucus, it is possible for another animal caught in a glass to die. It is also important to read the instructions clearly to the children and answer all their questions if there is any ambiguity.

INSTRUCTIONS: We collect one plant or one animal in a cup. The animals you will put in the cup are alive and although they will not bite or sting you for no reason, it is important to be careful not to press them with your hand or cup because in that case they will defend themselves in their own way. Some, like bumblebees and stinky martinis, will drop stinking liquid, and some, like bees and wasps, will try to sting. Upon return to the Center, all the collected material will be determined in the gazebo with explanations and instructive stories.

After instructions and answered questions, we go for a walk to the river Mura. We continue walking through the meadow upstream all the way to the forest, and along the way the children gather interesting animals or plants. Along the way, we tell the story of the importance of the Mura River and the meadows and forests that surround us.

Program duration: 90 minutes

We start the educational program in the arbor to tell the story of the Mura River and the habitats it provides to various plants and animals. We show Međimurje County on a magnetic board and adjust the questions depending on age and outcomes. According to previous experience, the most common age interested in the subject is the 3rd grade, and they are shown the state of the world, cities in Međimurje, but also they get acquainted with the protected area Mura-Drava Regional Park. Children are shown animal models to get to know them better. The river model shows them how a lowland river behaves and what its parts are.

After the theoretical part, we move on to the field part of the course to the Mura River and the ferry along the Mura River.

Program duration: 90 minutes

Field programs - Žabnik

Field programs in Žabnik are intended for both children and adults, and the interpretation is adjusted according to the wishes of the group. The duration of the program is about 90 minutes, and the use of butterfly nets and water nets is especially encouraged to give visitors a first-hand experience of nature. It is also important to bring as many props as possible that are available at the Med dvemi vodami Visitor Center.

The Međimurje horse is one of the most endangered domestic breeds. Habitats such as pastures are rapidly disappearing today due to human influence, but also invasive species. A walk along the St. Martin’s Wall clearly shows how important the relationship between man and nature is and for whom this relationship is crucial.

The boards that must be visited are: panel 14 – Žabničko vrhovljanska gmajna, panel 16 – Međimurski cold-blooded.

The start of the expert guide is possible from two locations: the main parking lot at board 8 or the parking lot at the scaffolding house at board 1. The start is determined in agreement with the group and their needs. Guided tours involving the Mill on the Mura and activities on the river are recommended (Table 6) to connect the importance of the Međimurje horse to the people of Međimurje in the past.

People in Međimurje have always been firmly attached to their rivers. In this walk we discover that the Mura River is not just water flowing in its bed but that it is much more. It affects people in thousands of ways, and on the St. Martin’s Mura we discover only a small part of the secret hidden by the Mura River, its oxbow lakes and the forests that surround it.

The boards that must be visited are: panel 3 – Mura River, panel 4 – Floodplain forests.

The beginning of expert guidance is recommended at board 1, ie near the scaffolding house. The following route is recommended: sign 3 – River Mura, 4 – Flood forests, 18 – Beaver builder, 17 – In the willow, 15 – Dragonflies, 13 – Frogs in Žabnik, 12 – Flora of the river Mura, 11 – Birds along the Mura, 10 – Life in the north. At sign 10, the guide ends and it is necessary to agree in advance that the group will be met by a bus at that place, ie at the northernmost point in Žabnik.

In the bird observatory, looking through binoculars, a completely new perspective of nature around you awaits you. Learn how to recognize the most common birds around you, how many species of herons live in Međimurje, where black storks live, why we love bregunice so much, who is the best fisherman and why swans are not migratory birds. Of course, these are just some of the questions you will find the answers to at the bird observatory.

The beginning of the expert guide starts at the main parking lot at the introductory board 8. Before arriving at the observatory, it is important to note that observing birds requires a lot of patience and silence and that the best time to observe a bird is early at dawn. Visitors should be instructed on how to use binoculars and a bird wrench (Collins). It is important to take care of the safety of visitors at the observatory. After observing the birds in the observatory, it is recommended to take a short walk along the oxbow lake and tour Table 11 – Birds along the Mura, Table 12 – Flora along the Mura, 13 – Frogs in the frog, 15 – Dragonflies.


To approach the natural values of Međimurje County more detail and meaningfull to visitors, we have designed a Manual for the education of interpreters. The manual serves as a guide for the employees and tourist guides how to interpret  the nature of Međimurje.

Educational and volunteer programs and the permanent museum exhibition of the Center for Visitors Between Two Waters, based on expert opinion, were positively evaluated by the Agency for Education and the Ministry of Science and Education.