Terms and conditions


These terms of purchase define the procedure for ordering, payment, delivery and return or complaint of goods offered on the med-dvemi-vodami.info website. By ordering products from med-dvemi-vodami.info, the customer accepts the currently valid terms of purchase listed below. Med-dvemi-vodami.info reserves the right to change the terms of purchase and is not responsible for grammatical and other errors that may occur in the product description.

The Supplier (Seller) of the goods offered on this site is:

Međimurska priroda – Public institution for nature protection

Trg Međimurske prirode 1, Križovec

40315 Mursko Središće, Croatia

OIB: 35686623551

IBAN: HR4723400091116030749

The buyer of the goods is a visitor to the Webshop on the med-dvemi-vodami.info website who selects at least one product, fills in the electronic order form and sends it to the Seller.

The customer who buys through this online store can only be a natural adult and fully capable person or a legal entity that operates properly.



Med-dvemi-vodami.info enables the purchase of goods from the offer of the seller’s sales range and available quantities via Webshop on the seller’s website.

Before buying you need:

– get acquainted with the information of the seller, the rights of the buyer and instructions regarding the processing and protection of personal data;

– give consent / consent for the use / processing of personal data for the possibility of realization of the purchase and fulfillment of the obligation towards the buyer.

These notices and general terms of use are subject to change at any time. Therefore, every time you visit the Internet store, it is necessary to get acquainted with the notices and conditions of use, notice / instructions.

These pre-contractual notices and general conditions, in case of purchase, form an integral part of the consumer / sales contract which, in accordance with the Law, is considered to be a distance contract.



You can order our products through the Webshop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We are available by phone from Monday to Friday from 7 am to 3 pm.



After receiving the confirmation of payment, the seller undertakes to deliver (deliver) the purchased product to the buyer as soon as possible.

The seller is not responsible for the inability to deliver within the specified time limits if the buyer is not found at the delivery address he gave, in which case a message with a contact number will be left.

Delivery can also be made to an adult – a household member and an authorized person or service of a legal entity, upon presentation of a personal identification document.

Delivery time is 8 working days from the date of confirmation of payment, or a maximum of 10 working days for the island, except in unforeseen circumstances, of which the buyer / customer will be notified after the order as soon as possible.

The cost of delivery (delivery) is 40.00 HRK.

For all orders over HRK 250.00, delivery is free.

In the event of a refusal to receive the product without a valid reason, the seller has the right to demand reimbursement of all costs incurred.



Payment can be made via an offer that you will receive at an e-mail address based on which you will decide whether you want to pay:

internet banking
general payment slip at the post office / bank

With the ordered items, we send an invoice for the purchased goods. If you need an R1 invoice, please indicate this when ordering.



Featured prices are retail. Product prices are displayed in the Croatian national currency: kuna (kn).

The offer shows the selected goods with prices in accordance with the selected method of payment and any current promotions and discounts as well as the amount of delivery costs paid by the buyer, which makes the total price. In case of a discount, the old price and the discounted price are indicated on the offer.

The seller reserves the right to change the price. Prices are subject to change without notice until the moment of ordering, or the moment of concluding the contract.

The buyer undertakes to pay for the ordered products to the seller via internet banking or a general payment slip at the post office / bank.

Until the full payment of the products from the confirmed order, the products remain the property of the seller regardless of whether they have already been delivered to the buyer.



Međimurska priroda – Public Institution for Nature Protection, Trg međimurske prirode 1, Križovec, 40315 Mursko Središće, Croatia undertakes to keep the personal data of its customers.

All information we receive about the customer and the recipient is strictly kept and is available only to employees exclusively for the sale and delivery of products and for the purpose of informing the customer.

The Seller collects personal data of Customers only to the extent necessary to fulfill its obligation, to inform about new and special products and delivery of promotional materials, to improve relations with Customers and to check other data necessary for online shopping.

The Seller undertakes to protect the Personal Data of the Buyers in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and undertakes not to disclose the personal data to third parties in any way without the consent of the Buyer (except for data necessary for business partners to deliver the purchased product). Exceptions to this are cases in which the Seller, by a valid order of the authorized state bodies, in accordance with the law, is obliged to submit or allow access to the personal data of the Buyers. The customer has the right to request the addition, correction or modification of incorrect personal data.



The products are packed so that they are not damaged during transport.

When picking up, the buyer is obliged to inspect the shipment.

The customer can advertise the product within 7 days of receiving the product

Pursuant to Article 10 of the Consumer Protection Act (OG 41/14, 110/15, 14/19), consumers may submit their complaints in writing to the following address: Međimurska priroda – Public Institution for Nature Protection, Trg međimurske prirode 1, Križovec, 40315 Mursko Središće, Croatia

By e-mail: medjimurska.priroda@gmail.com

The seller will respond in writing to the consumer’s complaint within 15 days from the date of receipt of the complaint. Records of complaints will be kept by the seller in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act.

If the customer returns the product, he bears the cost of postage.

The buyer is obliged to return the product undamaged in the original packaging upon presentation of the invoice, otherwise the complaint is not accepted.

The buyer can always contact the seller with inquiries, suggestions, proposals via the indicated telephone numbers and addresses on the med-dvemi-vodami.info website.



The language of communication on the seller’s website is Croatian.



Please read these General Terms and Conditions carefully on the med-dvemi-vodami.info website for online sales before using the website for the purpose of purchasing products advertised on the same or obtaining information about a particular product. If you decide to purchase our products through Webshop or you have visited this website to obtain information about a particular product, then it is considered that you are familiar with and agree to these Terms, otherwise med-dvemi-vodami.info is released from any liability. If you do not agree to these Terms then do not use this website for the purpose of purchasing products or obtaining information about them.



We reserve the right to make errors in product descriptions or photographs.

Međimurje nature does not support the use of disposable plastic.

The purchase of souvenirs supports nature protection projects.