Med dvemi vodami

Zakoračite u prirodu ovog ljeta!

Pred nama je dugo toplo ljeto pa vas pozivamo da istražite ljepote našeg Međimurja šetajući nekom od pješačkih staza! Prije svega preporučujemo Matulovu stazu koja


"Med dvemi vodami"

Visitor center “Med dvemi vodami” is imbued with love for Međimurje’s natural heritage and the need to preserve it. It is located in a small Međimurje settlement Križovec, at Trg Međimurske prirode 1. It’s the first and only Croatian square dedicated to nature. Here is also the seat of Međimurje Nature – Public Institution for Nature Protection.

On the ground floor of the Center, there are two modernly equipped galleries with a permanent interpretation display, a souvenir shop and an entrance info desk. In the vicinity of the Center, there is an interpretation log cabin “Moj hrast Adam” and a children’s playground “Rječica”.

What are the backwaters, does Međimurje also have its cod, why is it important to preserve Bregunice, who are marls, what does the legend of the Drava aqueduct talk about, who are the Fljojsars, why Kockavica and Crnkasta sasa are endangered species, are all part of the curiosities interpreted by this Center.

Med dvemi vodami

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Med dvemi vodami

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About the project

The project Between Two Waters was designed and submitted by Međimurska priroda – Public Institution for Nature Protection in the tender „Promoting the sustainable development of natural heritage“ within the Operational Program „Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020.“ The project proposal is being prepared in cooperation with the County of Međimurje, the Public Institution for the Development of the County of Međimurje REDEA, the Tourist Board of the County of Međimurje and the Municipality of Sveti Martin na Muri.

The total project budget is = HRK 12,108,422.84; of which the amount of the grant (85%) = 10,282,159.39 HRK.
The project was implemented from the date of signing the Contract (July 16, 2018) until March 13, 2021.

The main project activities included three investments:
Visitor Center Med dvemi vodami in Križovec, Educational and research Center Matulov grunt in Frkanovec and
the Eco-tourist educational hiking and cycling trail Svetomartinska Mura in the area of the Municipality of Sveti Martin na Muri.