Svetomartinska Mura

Along the left coast of the Mura River, there are five kilometers of trails for jogging, hiking, cycling and similar sports activities. The trail is suitable for all age groups, from mothers with children in strollers, through kindergarten and school groups, to recreationists, athletes and retirees. Along the trail there are forest classrooms and the visitors favorite is to take photos on the popular restored wooden bridge. Svetomartinska Mura combines individual local eco and ethno attractions.

Through twenty educational boards placed along the trail, Međimurje residents and guests of our region can learn about many interesting things from the domain of natural heritage. Who are the villains in nature, how do frogs live in Žabnik, why is the Mura River the main vein of Međimurje and Prekmurje, what is the life cycle of dragonflies from the swamps and several other educational details from the flora and fauna of the Sveti Martin area.

Svetomartinska Mura

1. Miller's Route

If you want to get to the Mura River and don’t have much time, this is the ideal route for you. In the area around the mill on Mura, find out a few interesting facts about the nature that surrounds it.

2. Međimurje Horse Route

Apart from the river Mura and its backwaters, you’re interested in the endangered breed of Međimurje horse? Going in the direction of Gmajna with Međimurje horses is a great choice. This route allows for a moderate walk, experiencing natural sounds along Mura and meeting horses.

3. Live Backwaters Route

You’ve already been around the mill on Mura several times and want a slightly different tour of the area? This circular route starts at the northernmost tourist point of Croatia and offers a tour of the Mura backwaters and its wildlife.

4. Beaver Route

If you do not want to walk a lot, but you’re interested in beaver tracks in nature, this is the ideal circular route for you. We start at the Skelarska hiža and, in addition to the Mura River, we see the former gravel pits around Sveti Martin na Muri.

5. Old Mura Route

On this circular route, we move along the old or main course of the river Mura. While visiting it, we notice all the differences between the living world of the backwaters and the main stream, as well as the different ways of using these spaces.

6. Svetomartinska Mura Route

If you are interested in a bit more hiking, try the longest route which includes many interesting things on the trail. The living world next to the backwaters, the main course of Mura, a pasture with Međimurje horses, gravel pits and traces of beaver activity.