Volunteer for wildlife

Name of the organizer of the volunteer action: Međimurska priroda – Public institution for nature protection

Name of the co-organizer of the volunteer action: CeZam – Youth Center Čakovec or some other association or organization with which cooperation is established

Place of volunteering: pre-arranged and reserved space

Volunteering time: November, December and January, duration of the volunteer action from 4 to 6 o’clock, in the afternoon or on weekends

Description of volunteer action

Volunteer actions will be held 1 to 2 times a month from November to January. Immediately before the volunteer action, the volunteers will be educated and given short guidelines. Volunteers will, with the help of expert guides from Međimurje nature, using blueprints for houses and dwellings for wild animals, saw and assemble houses and dwellings with the help of nails and screws. The volunteer action that will take place in January will be intended for painting houses and dwellings to make them last longer.

Job description on which the volunteers will work

Volunteers, with the help of a professional during the volunteer action, will participate in all the steps that will be needed to make a house or accommodation.

Competencies acquired through volunteering

Responsibility for tasks, gaining new ideas on how to contribute to nature protection, communication and establishing contact with other volunteers, teamwork, environmental awareness, new information on nature protection in Međimurje County, introduction to interesting facts and biology of animals for which houses and dwellings are made.

The goal of volunteer action

The aim of the volunteer actions is to raise the awareness of the local population about the importance of birds of prey and other wild animals that are losing their natural habitat and they need help in the form of houses and housing, and their role in biodiversity.

Number of required volunteers: 15-20 volunteers per volunteer action

Volunteer education

Before holding volunteer actions, it is necessary to organize a short education for volunteers on how to make houses and shelters for wild animals. The lecture is held in the premises where the volunteer action is held. It is necessary to provide a projector, screen and laptop.

Meals and drinks provided: Međimurje nature provides meals and drinks for volunteers

Tools needed to work

Blueprints for wildlife houses and dwellings, saws, drills and other accessories, wooden boards, nails, screws, hammers, brushes, wood varnishes, thinner, meter, sandpaper, newspapers, gloves, camera, suitable clothing and footwear

Estimated cost of implementing a volunteer action: 5000-10000 kuna

Volunteering Award

Each participant receives a volunteer package of Međimurje nature and registration of volunteering hours in the volunteer booklet

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