Volunteer program: Stag beetle

Name of the organizer of the volunteer action: Međimurska priroda – Public institution for nature protection
Place of volunteering: Čep Forest near Nedelišće and other suitable transects
Volunteering time: June and July in the evening, twice for 10 days, every day from 19:00 to 22:00.

Description of the volunteer action:
Volunteer action is organized every year during the breeding of stag beetle (Lucanus cervus L.). The action takes place from the second half of June to mid-July, twice on ten days. The volunteer action begins with a gathering at the agreed place, most often in the center of Nedelišće, and after introductory remarks, the volunteers, together with an expert leader from Međimurje nature, go to the place of the volunteer action. The site where the action is being carried out is the old oak forest Čep. The expert leads the volunteer action with the volunteers, touring the edge of the forest in the area of two fortified transects between 100 and 1000 meters long, with a continuous slow walk (2 m / 10 s). During the tour of the transects, a search of the trunk is performed in order to find the feeding ground for stag beetles, and to record the observation of adult individuals in flight and individuals on the ground, as well as remains after the attack of predators and dead specimens along the way. During the action, the expert leader measures the dimensions of the captured stag beetle and enters it in the form. The volunteer action ends after both transects are visited.

Job description that the volunteers will work on:
With the help of an expert, the volunteer will visit the site, fill in the basic information in the form, enter the number of recorded adults in flight and individuals on the ground as well as remains after predators and dead specimens on the road, and enter in the form.

Competences gained through volunteering:
Coping in space, ecological awareness, information on nature protection in Međimurje County, identification of the most common species of flora and fauna in the forest habitat, responsibility according to the task

Aim of the volunteer action:
The goal of the volunteer action is to conduct annual monitoring of stag beetles in Međimurje County, increase the awareness of the local population about endangered species of flora and fauna, interdependence of ecosystems and threats to nature by humans

Number of required volunteers: 1-2 per day during the volunteer action

Volunteer education:
Before going to the volunteer action, volunteers receive instructions via e-mail on how to carry out the volunteer action and notes. Each participant in the volunteer action receives instructions on how to fill in the form, the purpose of the action and the biology of the monitored species during the volunteer action.

Volunteer transport insurance:
The nature of Međimurje provides transportation of volunteers by official car or van from the agreed location to the site.

Tools needed to work:
Forms for monitoring stag beetles, pencil, headlamp, movable gauge, liquid corrector, trunk circumference meter, mobile phone (for reading time and temperature), camera, GPS device, repellent, suitable clothing and footwear against mosquito bites, ticks and protection against hornet.

Volunteering award: Each participant receives a volunteer package of Međimurje nature and registration of volunteering hours in the volunteer booklet.

NOTES (sent to volunteers before the volunteer action):
Field clothing and footwear are mandatory. Protect yourself from mosquito and tick bites if you are able to take your repellent to the field. After the end of the volunteer action, it is necessary to take a shower, in order to protect yourself from possible tick bites. Stag beetles on the feeder are not touched or measured because of the hornets that are with them on the feeder. You do not go out on the field in case of bad weather. It is most ideal to end the transect when night falls, but if it ends earlier, it is not a problem. It is necessary to photograph: stag beetles, habitat, other animals and interesting things.

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