Setting up a frog fence

Name of the organizer of the volunteer action: Međimurska priroda – Public institution for nature protection

Name of co-organizer of the volunteer action: Ecological Association Platana, Nedelišće; Municipality of Selnica

Place of volunteering: Road by the pond in Črečan, and along the retention and stream in the Municipality of Selnica

Volunteering time: February, March, April

Description of volunteer action

Volunteer action begins with the gathering of volunteers at a pre-arranged place, most often in the center of the settlement. After an introductory lecture and remarks, the volunteers begin to place a fence along the side of the road. During the volunteer action, fence boards are placed, which are fixed with bars, and bins are buried in the ground every 50 meters along the entire length of the road for which the fence is planned to be installed. After the volunteer action of setting up the fence, the volunteers continuously visit the fence every morning and evening every day for the next month, and collect the amphibians that fell into the bucket and transfer them to the nearest pre-agreed water surface. During the transfer of amphibians, volunteers fill out a form to collect data to assess the success of the volunteer action. Instructions on filling in the forms and a brochure with the most common types of amphibians are given to the volunteers before going to the field in the presence of a professional.

Job description on which the volunteers will work

Volunteers will participate in setting up the fence, transferring the amphibians and filling out the forms

Competencies acquired through volunteering

Ecological awareness, networking and making contacts and friendships, getting to know the work of the Public Institution, recognizing amphibian species and expected species, commitment to active civic and voluntary participation, evaluation and processing of new information and knowledge

The goal of volunteer action

The goal of the volunteer action is to increase the awareness of the local population about the importance of amphibians for ecosystems, and to save amphibians from road damage.

Number of volunteers needed: 30

Volunteer education

After the volunteer action of setting up fences for frogs, volunteers will be educated about the actions carried out so far, and about the species of amphibians living in Međimurje County, especially species of special interest such as brown toad, brown forest frog, gatalinka, small amphibian, garlic and green frogs.

Tools needed to work

Reflective vests, protective gloves, garbage bags, buckets, fence plates, rods, hammers, shovels, patterns, car counter, headlamp, watch or mobile phone, camera, suitable clothing and footwear

Meals and drinks provided

Međimurje nature provides meals and drinks for volunteers

Estimated cost of implementing the volunteer action: 5000 kuna

Volunteering Award

Each participant receives a volunteer package of Međimurje nature and registration of volunteering hours in the volunteer booklet.

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