Shore cleaning for Sand Martins

Name of the organizer of the volunteer action: Međimurska priroda – Public institution for nature protection

Name of the co-organizer of the volunteer action: Ecological Association Platana, Nedelišće

Place of volunteering: the bank of the river Drava (Međimurje County), from Gornji Hrašćan to Pušćina

Volunteering time: beginning of April, duration of volunteer action from 4 to 6 hours

Description of volunteer action

Volunteers will manually edit the shore during the volunteer action with the help of tools. The upper sandy-flag layer of the shoreline will be cleaned, unnecessary vegetation will be removed from the shoreline so that the Sand Martins can more easily find a suitable nesting place. During the volunteer action, more than 100 meters of steep bank will be cleaned, where there will be no natural erosion due to significant interventions on the Drava.

Job description on which the volunteers will work

Volunteers will manually use tools to create a slope of the shore and remove the roots from trees that interfere with nesting.

Competencies acquired through volunteering

Environmental awareness, networking and making contacts and friendships, getting to know the work of the Public Institution and CZP MDV, recognizing bird species on the Drava River, commitment to active civic and volunteer participation, evaluation and processing of new information and knowledge

The goal of volunteer action

The aim of the volunteer action is to increase the awareness of the local population about the importance of bream and other birds in the regulation of insects such as mosquitoes and to enable nesting of bream in the area of Međimurje County.

Number of volunteers needed: 20

Volunteer education

Prior to the volunteer action, volunteers will be given a short education on the biology of Sand Martins, and the importance of cleaning and preparing habitats for nesting.

Tools needed to work

Hoes, pruning shears, machetes, pruners, axes, shovels, suitable clothing and footwear, camera

Meals and drinks provided

Međimurje nature provides meals and drinks for volunteers

Volunteering Award

Each participant receives a volunteer package of Međimurje nature and registration of volunteering hours in the volunteer booklet.

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