Survey of visitors of the Med dvemi vodami Visitor Center

Name of the organizer of the volunteer action: Međimurska priroda – Public institution for nature protection

Place of volunteering: Center for visitors Med dvemi vodami, Križovec, if necessary other locations throughout Međimurje County

Volunteering time: all year round

Description of volunteer action: The volunteer action will be held once a month. The expert will introduce the volunteer to the work of Međimurje Nature – Public Institution for Nature Protection and the Visitor Center Between Two Waters. Volunteers will receive brief information and guidance on how to conduct a visitor survey. The survey form will be created in advance by the expert service of Međimurje nature.

Job description on which the volunteers will work: Volunteers will conduct a survey of visitors through the created form, and later process the collected data

Competencies acquired through volunteering: Independence in the organization of working hours, responsibility, use of technical equipment, networking and making contacts, getting to know the work of CZP MDV

The goal of volunteer action: The aim of the volunteer action is to assess the satisfaction of visitors with the guide and the program after visiting the Visitor Center Between Two Waters, and through the obtained results to improve the existing setup and way of leading.

Number of required volunteers: 1 volunteer during the survey, 10 volunteers throughout the year

Volunteer education: Prior to conducting the volunteer action, volunteers will undergo a short training on how to conduct a visitor survey.

Tools needed to work: Visitor survey forms, writing pad, ballpoint pen, watch or cell phone, camera

Estimated cost of implementing the volunteer action: 1000 kuna

Volunteering Award: Each participant receives a volunteer package of Međimurje nature and registration of volunteering hours in the volunteer booklet

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